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Knowing Us Better

“Both personal interest and supreme interest are met by Sita and Rama. Why then, O Tulsi, do you approach the doors of others to have your desires met?” (Dohavali, 53) svāratha sītā rāma so paramāratha siya rāma | tulasī tero… Read More ›

Causing The Creation

“In sex life, the combination of matter from the parents, which involves emulsification and secretion, creates the situation whereby a soul is received within matter, and the combination of matter gradually develops into a complete body. The same principle exists… Read More ›

Do What You Like

“Tulsi says that Rama favors the desires of His servant more than His own. How can anyone turn their back on such a sweet master as the husband of Sita?” (Dohavali, 48) tulasī rāmahi āpu teṃ sevaka kī ruci mī।thi… Read More ›