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Food For a Crow

“Asuras do not know that their bodies consist of the five elements of material nature and that when they fall they become objects of pastimes for dogs and vultures.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 3.17.31 Purport) Download this episode (right click… Read More ›

To Study Death

“For one who has taken his birth, death is certain; and for one who is dead, birth is certain. Therefore, in the unavoidable discharge of your duty, you should not lament.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 2.27) Download this episode (right click… Read More ›

Mangala Arati

“They then went to welcome the groom with an auspicious arati on a decorated plate. They were happy like the golden lotus blooming at sunrise.” (Janaki Mangala, 132) mangala ārati sāja bahari parichana calīṃ | janu bigasīṃ rabi udaya kanaka… Read More ›

It Must Be Real

“Also glorified are the innumerable pastimes of Shri Krishna, the enemy of the demons, including His childhood pastimes of sucking out Putana’s life air along with her breast-milk, breaking the cart, trampling down Trinavarta, killing Bakasura, Vatsasura and Aghasura, and… Read More ›

Green Tree

“Auspicious singing, drums and sounds filled the air and the city. It looked like a desire tree blooming with whatever the mind desired.” (Janaki Mangala, 105) nabha pura mangala gāna nisāna gahāgahe | dekhi manoratha suratarū lalita lahālahe || Download… Read More ›

Retirement Age

“Materially, when a man becomes tired by rendering service in his physical body, he is allowed retirement, but in the transcendental service there is no feeling of fatigue because it is spiritual service and is not on the bodily plane…. Read More ›

Bucket List

“Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 8.6) There are different gradations of the mid-life crisis, the time in one’s life where the future path remains… Read More ›

Can’t Touch This

“It is not possible for a chandala to tread heavily on an altar which is beautifully decorated and situated amongst a sacrificial fire, pots, and ladles, and sanctified by the mantras of the brahmanas. Similarly, I, being the religiously wedded… Read More ›