Month: December 2011

The Right Use of Energy

“The expert electrician can utilize the electrical energy for both heating and cooling by adjustment only. Similarly, the external energy, which now bewilders the living being into continuation of birth and death, is turned into internal potency by the will… Read More ›

Raising the Roof

“Wherever you go there are the ecstatic sounds of singing and drums beating. The excitement for Sita’s marriage is so great that what words are there to explain it?” (Janaki Mangala, 14) gāna nisāna kolāhala kautuka jaham̐ taham̐ | sīya-bibāha… Read More ›

Incriminating Evidence

“Mother Yashoda was able to trace Krishna by following His butter-smeared footprints. She saw that Krishna was stealing butter, and thus she smiled. Meanwhile, the crows also entered the room and came out in fear. Thus mother Yashoda found Krishna… Read More ›

What If Scenarios

“Or I think that while being carried away and travelling through the aerial path, which is attended by the Siddhas [perfected beings], that noble lady’s heart sunk after seeing the ocean below. Or I think that on account of the… Read More ›

Language Learning

“The holy name of Krishna is transcendentally blissful. It bestows all spiritual benedictions, for it is Krishna Himself, the reservoir of all pleasure. Krishna’s name is complete, and it is the form of all transcendental mellows.” (Padma Purana) You’re heading… Read More ›

General Admission

“One party is very jealous while looking at Janaka welcoming everybody. The place was so crowded on the inside and out that one cannot describe it.” (Janaki Mangala, 13) janakahiṃ eka sihāhiṃ dekhi sanamānata | bāhara bhītara bhīra na banai… Read More ›

Tilting the Scales

“Listen Rama, I will now tell You where You, Sita and Lakshmana should reside. Those whose ears are like oceans which are constantly replenished by, and never overflow from, streams represented by stories of Your wonderful activities – in their… Read More ›

Yoga Under Duress

“If one is engaged in the advancement of spiritual knowledge, there will be so many insults and much dishonor from others. This is expected because material nature is so constituted. Even a boy like Prahlada, who, only five years old,… Read More ›

A Captivating Scene

“One is looking at the arena and the city with amazement. Their mind and eyes are so attracted to that place that they cannot even blink.” (Janaki Mangala, 12) ranga bhūmi pura kautuka eka nihārahiṃ | lalaki subhāhiṃ nayana mana… Read More ›