Month: December 2011

Double Or Nothing

“Activity in Krishna consciousness, or acting for the benefit of Krishna without expectation of sense gratification, is the highest transcendental quality of work. Even a small beginning of such activity finds no impediment, nor can that small beginning be lost… Read More ›

Catch Me If You Can

“Yogis cannot capture Krishna by severe penances and austerities, but mother Yashoda, despite all obstacles, was finally able to catch Krishna without difficulty. This is the difference between a yogi and a bhakta.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 10.9.10) Mother Yashoda… Read More ›

Little Did He Know

“Welcoming his dear guest and worshiping his feet, the king said, ‘Because you have visited I don’t think anyone is as fortunate as I am.’” (Janaki Mangala, 16) pūji pahunaī kīnha pāi priya pāhuna | kaheu bhūpa mohi sarisa sukṛta… Read More ›

Branching Out

“The original source of knowledge is the Vedas. There are no branches of knowledge, either mundane or transcendental, which do not belong to the original text of the Vedas. They have simply been developed into different branches, They were originally… Read More ›

Quitting the Body

“Meditating on Shri Rama’s face, which resembles the full moon and has eyes like lotus petals, that poor lady must have died. Maithili [Sita], descending from Videha kings, must have given up her body while greatly lamenting, ‘O Rama and… Read More ›

Protecting the Cows

“Of all kinds of animal killing, the killing of cows is most vicious because the cow gives us all kinds of pleasure by supplying milk. Cow slaughter is an act of the grossest type of ignorance.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita, 14.16… Read More ›

Highest Standing

“Or while advancing higher and higher over the ocean, trying to break free that daughter of Janaka surely fell into the sea. Alas, while trying to protect her chastity, cut off from her relatives, Sita, the very chaste wife, has… Read More ›