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“Sita is not capable of associating with any other man, even if he were the lord of the demigods; for there is no one equal to Rama, not even among the demigods.” (Hanuman, Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 11.3) na anyam… Read More ›

On Second Thought

“Separated from Rama, that noble lady is not able to sleep, eat, drink, or even decorate herself.” (Hanuman thinking about Sita, Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 11.2) na rāmeṇa viyuktā sā svaptum arhati bhāminī | na bhoktum na api alamkartum na… Read More ›


“Thereafter, the heart of that great soul, who had contemplated on the self in many ways, had a disciplined mind, had good eyesight, had ranged about everywhere in Lanka and had followed the righteous path, became filled with grief over… Read More ›

Won Over

“Reaching that honored city, which was protected by the arms of the ten-headed Ravana, roaming about and not finding that highly respected daughter of King Janaka, who was won over by her husband’s divine qualities, that monkey then became highly… Read More ›

Doubling Down

“The monkey became numb for a second, stricken as he was with sadness over not having found, after such a long time, Sita, the wife of Rama – the lord of men and the best among those who can speak.”… Read More ›


“(Hanuman did not see Sita) who was firmly situated on the eternal path of devotion to her husband, had her gaze always fixed on Rama, was always possessed by love for Rama, had entered the glorious mind of her husband,… Read More ›