The Sage’s Favor

“Dear Sir, my children, relatives and citizens are protected by your blessings, either at home or in the jungle.” (Dasharatha speaking to Vishvamitra, Janaki Mangala, 25) nātha mohi bālakanha sahita pura parijana | rākhanihāra tumhāra anugraha dhara bana || It’s… Read More ›


“Hearing the words of the king, Vishvamitra complimented him in return. The sage then discussed dharma and his reason for coming there.” (Janaki Mangala, 23) kausika suni nṛpa bacana sarāheu rājahiṃ | dharmakathā kahi kaheu gayau jehi kājahiṃ || While… Read More ›

What To Give

“O Prabhu, you fulfill all desires and give the four fruits of existence. Understanding that, I am fearful of what I could possibly give to you.” (Janaki Mangala, 22) tumha prabhu pūrana kāma cāri phaladāyaka | tehiṃ teṃ būjhata kāju… Read More ›

Succeeding in Work

“With folded hands the king said the following words which were auspicious and good to hear: ‘Seeing your pure lotus feet today I am very much obliged to you.’” (Janaki Mangala, 21) rāu kaheu kara jora subacana suhāvana | bhayau… Read More ›

Showering Nectar

“Vishvamitra gave them his blessing and they all became happy, like a new kalpa creeper being watered with pure nectar.” (Janaki Mangala, 17) kausika dīnhi asīsa sakala pramudita bhaī | sīncīṃ manahum̐ sudhā rasa kalapa latā naīṃ || Picture a… Read More ›

Joyful Respect

“Possessing love, fortune, good luck, humility, beauty and wearing so many ornaments, with happiness in their hearts the queens, along with their sons, all came and offered their obeisances to the feet of the rishi.” (Janaki Mangala, Chand 2.2) anurāga… Read More ›