Gems On Earth

“Now happy in the heart, the king compliments the good qualities of the ocean of material existence: ‘The creator is very smart, for such gems like this grow here’.” (Janaki Mangala, 42) pramudita hṛdayan sarāhata bhala bhavasāgara| jahan upajahiṃ asa… Read More ›

More Than Brahma-Sukha

“The king went and received blessings and then paid so much honor and respect after that. When he saw Rama, he experienced a happiness one hundred times that of Brahman realization.” (Janaki Mangala, Chand 5.2) nṛpa gahe pāya asīsa pāī… Read More ›

A Welcoming King

“Taking Rama with him, the son of Gadhi became happy in the heart when he saw the city. Hearing the news of their arrival, the king, bringing his advisers, guru and priests, comes to welcome them.” (Janaki Mangala, Chand 5.1)… Read More ›

Let Me Stay

“There are many faults associated with ending my life, and if I remain alive I can find all-auspiciousness. Therefore, I will keep my life-breath, for by living success is assured.” (Hanuman, Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 13.47) vināśe bahavo doṣā jīvan… Read More ›

A Captivating Scene

“One is looking at the arena and the city with amazement. Their mind and eyes are so attracted to that place that they cannot even blink.” (Janaki Mangala, 12) ranga bhūmi pura kautuka eka nihārahiṃ | lalaki subhāhiṃ nayana mana… Read More ›

Only The Best

“The princes and their armies were beautiful, chivalrous, and of good age, family and birth, looking as if Indra had descended to earth and was marching towards Janakpur.” (Janaki Mangala, 9) rūpa sīla baya bansa birūda bala dala bhaye |… Read More ›

Hitting The Road

“Thereafter, in country after country the message of the king was sent, upon hearing which everyone became happy. Together with their caravans stocked with provisions, every community then came to King Janaka’s city.” (Janaki Mangala, Chand 1.2) puni desa desa… Read More ›

Avoiding Scorn

“Seeing that his daughter was unmarried and at an age suitable for marriage, the king spoke with his guru and relatives to see what should be done. They advised him to plan a svayamvara, so the king decided upon a… Read More ›