Dear To Everyone

“As Sita was leaving, the people of the town, the women, the horses, the cows, the birds and the deer became restless. Having heard the request of the mother-in-law, the jewel of the Raghu dynasty kindly solaced them and then… Read More ›

Judging Offerings

“’O you who know the people, please keep love for them who are offered to you’, were the loving words sounded by the downtrodden mother. Again and again the queen brought the children to her heart and hugged them.” (Janaki… Read More ›

A Generous Dowry

“From the in-laws they received too many gifts to count. Included were male and female servants, horses, elephants, gold, clothing and jewels.” (Janaki Mangala, 156) dāija bhayau bibidha bidhi jāi na so gani | dāsī dāsa bāji gaja hema basana… Read More ›

Not For Me

“Looking at the bride and groom, they again and again gave away clothes and jewels in charity. There is no way to explain the happy feelings and jovial nature of that day.” (Janaki Mangala, 147) nirakhi nichāvara karahi basana mani… Read More ›

Making the Ideal Song

“Taking the names of each, the married women sang auspicious songs. They worshiped Gauri and Ganesha for the wellbeing of the prince and princess.” (Janaki Mangala, 143) lai lai nāun suāsini mangala gāvahin | kunvara kunvari hita ganapati gauri pujāvahin… Read More ›

Again and Again

“Looking at the bride and groom, the men and women were so happy. Again and again, songs and drums played and the demigods rained down flowers.” (Janaki Mangala, 142) dulaha dulahininha dekhi nāri nara haraṣahiṃ | chinu chinu gāna nisāna… Read More ›

The Two Fathers

“In the three worlds, nothing could compare to the two. Dasharatha was equal to Janaka and Janaka equal to Dasharatha.” (Janaki Mangala, 129) tīni loka avalokahiṃ nahiṃ upamā kou | dasaratha janaka samāna janaka dasaratha dou || Download this episode… Read More ›