Checkpoints In Yoga

“Factually, bhakti-yoga is the ultimate goal, but to analyze bhakti-yoga minutely one has to understand these other yogas. The yogi who is progressive is therefore on the true path of eternal good fortune. One who sticks to a particular point… Read More ›

Single-User Mode

“Everyone in the fourteen worlds meditates upon Him, and all the denizens of Vaikuntha sing of His qualities and pastimes.” (Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi 5.222) caudda-bhuvane yāṅra sabe kare dhyāna vaikuṇṭhādi-pure yāṅra līlā-guṇa gāna Download this episode (right click and save)… Read More ›

A Dangerous Game

“Tulsi says don’t play two games; play one. Why fool yourself? Either have attachment for Rama or abandon attachment to others.” (Dohavali, 79) tulasī du’i maham̐ eka hī khela chām̐ḍi chala khelu | kai karū mamatā rāma soṁ kai mamatā… Read More ›