What Do You Want

“Vibhishana obtained Lanka, Sugriva became king, and Hanuman and Jatayu also received wonderful rewards, but the fallen Tulsidas only wants love for Shri Rama’s holy name.” (Dohavali, 34) lanka bibhīsana rāja kapi pati mārūti khaga mīca | lahī rāma soṃ… Read More ›


“The holy name is such a benefactor of the down-trodden that it grants kingdoms to those who chant it. But the mind, O Tulsi, is so obstinate that it does not abandon its habit of searching for grains amidst rubbish.”… Read More ›


“No living being on this earth can even equal you in strength either. Therefore do you think of how Sita may be found.” (Sugriva speaking to Hanuman, Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkindha Kand, 44.6) Why does the life air exist? At the… Read More ›

Lighter Than Air

“In motion, speed, splendor, and lightness, O great monkey, you, O hero, are exactly like your father, the very powerful wind-god.” (Sugriva speaking to Hanuman, Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkindha Kand, 44.5) At this most critical of junctures, Sugriva, the king of… Read More ›

How To Serve

“Sugriva, the lord of all the forest inhabitants, being greatly pleased, spoke to Hanuman, the powerful son of the wind, as follows:” (Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkindha Kand, 44.2) An aspiring transcendentalist, one who is learning the art of practicing spirituality to… Read More ›

Best Man For The Job

“Sugriva in particular broached the subject of finding Sita with Hanuman, for he was convinced that Hanuman, the best among monkeys, was capable of accomplishing the desired purpose.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkindha Kand, 44.1) “I’ve got my best man on it”,… Read More ›