The Integral Player

“Keeping in mind the work that needed to be done for the demigods, sadhus and vipras, bringing Rama with him the mahamuni proceeded ahead towards the bow sacrifice.” (Janaki Mangala, 39) bipra sādhu sura kāju mahāmuni mana dhari | rāmahiṃ… Read More ›

All Things To All People

“The people observing received auspicious fruits for their eyes and mind. Rama accompanied Vishvamitra to his ashrama, with the fears of the sages removed.” (Janaki Mangala, 37) mana loganha ke karata suphala mana locana | gae kausika āśramanihaṃ bipra bhaya… Read More ›

Passing The Test

“Rama showed His tremendous knowledge of fighting by killing the demon Tataka. The muni then gave to Him knowledge of secret mantras to be used in fighting.” (Janaki Mangala, 36) badhī tāḍakā rāma jāni saba lāyaka| bidyā mantra rahasya die… Read More ›

Adult Supervision

“They are so hesitant and very fearful when seeing the muni that they come back. Plucking flowers, fruits and leaves, they make garlands.” (Janaki Mangala, 34) sakucahiṃ munihiṃ sabhīta bahuri phiri āvahiṃ | tori phūla phala kisalaya māla banāvahiṃ ||… Read More ›


“Travelling along the way with the rishi they are looking so beautiful. That beautiful image lives within Tulasi’s heart. When the trio was going, it looked like the sun travelling north, taking with it the spring season.” (Janaki Mangala, Chand… Read More ›

The Sage’s Favor

“Dear Sir, my children, relatives and citizens are protected by your blessings, either at home or in the jungle.” (Dasharatha speaking to Vishvamitra, Janaki Mangala, 25) nātha mohi bālakanha sahita pura parijana | rākhanihāra tumhāra anugraha dhara bana || It’s… Read More ›

Door Number Two

“Hearing Vashishtha’s words with patience, folding his hands the protector of Koshala said: ‘My lord, you are an ocean of kindness and knower of everything, thus it is not proper for me to request anything from you.’” (Janaki Mangala, Chand… Read More ›

Rest Assured

“Seeing an answer not forthcoming from the king, Vashishtha tried all kinds of ways to make him understand. He said that the son of Gadhi is powerful through his great austerities and explained that Rama is also very capable.’” (Janaki… Read More ›


“Hearing the words of the king, Vishvamitra complimented him in return. The sage then discussed dharma and his reason for coming there.” (Janaki Mangala, 23) kausika suni nṛpa bacana sarāheu rājahiṃ | dharmakathā kahi kaheu gayau jehi kājahiṃ || While… Read More ›