“Without disturbing the ecstasy of His mother’s affection, Krishna opened His mouth and displayed His own natural opulences.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 10.8.36 Purport) Why not give up the ruse and tell Your mother who You really are? Why carry… Read More ›

No Ordinary Liar

“Krishna presented Himself as an innocent child to increase the transcendental ecstasy of maternal affection. As described in the shastra, tadana-bhayan mithyoktir vatsalya-rasa-poshika. This means that sometimes a small child speaks lies. For example, he may have stolen something or… Read More ›

Conspiracy Theory

“Krishna replied, ‘My dear mother, they have plotted together and lodged a complaint against Me so that you will punish Me. My elder brother, Balarama, has joined them. Actually, I have not done this. Take My words as true. Do… Read More ›

Don’t Just Leave Me Alone

“Mother Yashoda was agitated by Krishna’s restless misbehavior. Her house was full of sweetmeats. Why then should the restless boy eat dirt in a solitary place?” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 10.8.34 Purport) To help in concentration, the studious worker prefers… Read More ›

Creating Trouble

“First a complaint was lodged with mother Yashoda about Krishna’s stealing, but mother Yashoda did not chastise Him. Now, in an attempt to awaken mother Yashoda’s anger so that she would chastise Krishna, another complaint was invented-that Krishna had eaten… Read More ›

Complaints Against The Chief

“Because of the features of Krishna’s face, the mothers were so attracted that they could not chastise Him. Instead of chastising Him, they smiled and enjoyed hearing of Krishna’s activities. Thus the gopis remained satisfied, and Krishna enjoyed their happiness…. Read More ›

The Bright Light

“When the butter and milk were kept in a dark room, Krishna and Balarama would go there and make the place bright with the valuable jewels on Their bodies. On the whole, Krishna and Balarama engaged in stealing butter and… Read More ›

Emergency Stockpiles

“Formerly, in every household, yogurt and butter were kept for use in emergencies. But Krishna and Balarama would pile up planks so that They could reach the pots and would then pick holes in the pots with Their hands so… Read More ›

Crying Babies

“If in any house He could not find any butter or curd to steal, He would go into a room and agitate the small children sleeping there by pinching them, and when they cried He would go away.” (Shrila Prabhupada,… Read More ›

Happily Complaining

“The narration of Krishna’s naughty childhood activities would be presented to mother Yashoda in the form of complaints. Sometimes Krishna would enter the house of a neighbor, and if He found no one there, He would release the calves before… Read More ›