The Big Brain

Vishnu creating the universes“The symmetry of creation and its regulative actions and reactions suggests the plan of an intelligent brain behind them, and by genuine inquiry one may find out the ultimate cause with the help of one who knows them factually.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Shrimad Bhagavatam, 2.5.2 Purport)

“Scientists have proved with over ninety percent certainty that the universe came into being through the random collision of chemicals. This groundbreaking research stands religion on its head. Most of us already knew that religion was bogus. In the past the less intelligent society didn’t understand complex things like the sun and the moon, so they assigned personalities to them. They created stories to describe how the rivers came to be, and the seasons and the regular occurrences like thunder and rain were also explained in the same way. Gradually, over time, through scientific research man has debunked these myths. I stopped believing in fairy tales when I was younger, so the real pathway to an intelligent life, to a fulfilled existence, is to continue with scientific research.”

This sums up the mindset of the modern atheist. “Why believe in something you can’t see? You can’t see God, so He obviously doesn’t exist, right? These sectarian groups which each sport their own superior divine figure are relying on faith alone, as that is what gets them through tough times. But these figures were just ordinary people who were later elevated to divine status because of amazing things that they did. The aim of life is to enjoy, and through science man will find his enjoyment.” The problem with this thinking, however, is that there is intelligence to the workings of nature. The existence of scientific research itself proves that.

What do we mean by this? If I, as a mature human being, can figure out that the sun rises and sets at around the same times every day, it means that I have intelligence. If I can figure out that there is something like a year, wherein the sun remains at set positions in the sky and the climate of the earth is duly affected, I obviously have a brain. Though I have a brain, I am still limited in what I can do. At best, I can create an airplane that flies through the sky, but this isn’t that much of an achievement considering that smaller, less intelligent birds can already do this. I can consume loads of alcohol in one sitting to purposefully remove my intelligence for a brief period of time, but again this doesn’t make me all-powerful.

My brain is both limited and flawed. I can’t remember everything I experience, and neither can I apply my intelligence perfectly all the time. Yet the intelligence behind the more powerful nature that I study is flawless. The sun remains in its position, diffusing heat and light, without cessation. It doesn’t require an engineer or a fuel source. Nothing is propping it up, and nothing can be done to move it. In the same way, the seasons arrive and leave on schedule, and the law of gravity operates on all objects.

The brain behind nature is perfect, and so to think that everything randomly occurred in the beginning is quite ridiculous. Think about what happens when things explode. Since when does an explosion create anything? Rather, explosions are used to destroy, and on a massive scale as well. If a bomb blasts in someone’s home and the police arrive on the scene, is saying, “Sorry officer, I don’t know what happened. I think chemicals just randomly collided,” a viable explanation? Moreover, if chemicals did collide to make this universe, from where did they come? Who created the chemicals? If the answer is “no one”, then the chemicals are assigned the properties of eternality and full power. These same chemicals can then destroy us all. They are the equivalent of a God.

A genuine inquiry into the ultimate cause can be made with someone who actually knows the truth. They accept this truth on faith in the beginning and then they realize it through the practical application of principles passed down from the authority source. The original authority source is thus the root cause of both intelligence and the entire creation. In the Vedas, He is described through thousands of names, which speak to His unlimited features. It is impossible to know Him fully, as complete knowledge can only belong to Him. Only a person with flaws would have to do research to figure things out. Only a fallible living entity would have to try to discern the root cause to anything.

If you have to try to figure it out, it means that you can forget it. The original person never forgets and never has to learn. He is always God, and through humble submission to one of His servants, His properties can be learned to some extent. More importantly, how to serve Him properly is also learned, and this is the ideal occupation for every living entity. Regardless of one’s intelligence, service takes place, but in the right attitude the service is constitutional.

For instance, the staunch atheist serves God’s material energy through their research and defiance of religious principles. The external energy gives an illusion that there is no God, and so the person succumbing to that false vision in one sense pays homage to the creator of that energy. Residence in the land of illusion continues for as long as the defiance remains. To seek out the truth is to thus try to transcend the external energy.

Krishna bookThe intelligence of the individual is inherited from the intelligence of the original person, and it is meant to be used for understanding Him. Religious texts exist for this very purpose, and in the Vedas the most detail is provided both in terms of the history of the creation and the workings of the universe. To truly realize the truths of the soul and its travels through reincarnation driven by karma, one must follow a certain set of procedures, which have restriction as the foundation. Knowledge is best acquired in the sober state, and in renunciation the influence of the external energy lessens.

But in the modern age the strict austerity measures are difficult to follow, as just having a belief in God makes you unique. Therefore the most effective method of spiritual practice today is the chanting of the holy names. By saying, “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”, often and in the company of those who take shelter of this mantra, knowledge of the original creator is gradually revealed. And the more you get to know Him, the smarter you’ll be, as you’ll use your valuable gift of an intelligent brain to feel transcendental pleasure.

In Closing:

The sun, earth and all creatures of the land,

Started from the original big bang.


Religion the safety mechanism of the unwise,

Couldn’t understand things of infinite size.


But what do the scientists really know?

How to fly in sky, place where eagles already go?


Symmetry of creation suggests intelligent brain,

How else could seasons arrive at time the same?


Brain in you too, use it for right cause,

Learn of God and from ignorance take pause.

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