Four Reasons It Is Not Surprising That Children Would Be Killed In The Womb

[Durga Devi and Kamsa]“Having uprooted all relationships with his sister because of intense selfishness, Kamsa, who was sitting on his knees, grasped the newborn child by the legs and tried to dash her against the surface of a stone.” (Shrimad Bhagavatam, 10.4.8)

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“It has to be fake news. Just look at the viral video that everyone is talking about. It is edited beyond belief. A cut here, a fragment there – how to tell what really happened? Who would actually admit to this on video? No, something else must be going on here. The pro-life people are working overtime to nab the people who are for choice.”

This is one reaction to a recent news story. Would a place that facilitates abortions actually try to sell intact fetal matter? Would they really strategize their killings on a particular day based on what people were willing to purchase?

In reality, it is not a surprise that the level would descend that low. It is already acknowledged that the killing takes place. The end of the pregnancy can only occur when something is living; otherwise there would be no reason to intervene. Based on other behavior in a material existence, it is understandable that human beings would be willing to do this to other human beings.

1. Animals are killed all the time

What occurs at the slaughterhouse? Animals are rounded up, in large numbers, and sent some place for a specific purpose. Killing. Death. There is no way to sugarcoat. Children instinctively know that something is wrong with the picture. It is not until they are programmed otherwise that they accept the behavior. Better to have them not see anything in the first place. Put the resulting meat on the dinner table, but don’t explain the source.

2. They say animals have no soul

Eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Animals follow these behaviors just like human beings do. They feel pain. They show signs of excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, and depression. Cows feel so much love for their children that an abundance of milk results. There is so much milk produced that the children can drink to their satisfaction and there is still so much left over for human beings to take advantage of.

[Krishna with cows]One of the excuses for the killing is the claim that animals have no soul. There isn’t much conviction behind the statement, as the same supposedly soulless animal in the form of a dog is protected. In fact, if a dog is mistreated it is a violation of law. Animal-cruelty. Public shaming is a possible result. “How could you treat a dog that way? Have you no heart?”

3. Like Kamsa in mentality

The infamous king of Mathura described in the Shrimad Bhagavatam, he was afraid of his life of sense gratification coming to an abrupt end. He received a tremendous blessing. A voice from the sky informed him of the time of his death. It would arrive through the eighth child of his sister Devaki.

Kamsa tried to reverse destiny. Wanting to maintain the sinful life as long as possible, afraid of what would happen after death, he went through with killing each of Devaki’s children as they were born. He performed abortions the old fashioned way. He took the infants and threw them against a stone. Harsh, cruel, gruesome and yet not really much different from what goes on today in the womb in the doctor’s office. Fortunately, the last time he attempted such a move the baby survived. It was Durga Devi, who then gave warning that the king’s days were numbered.

[Durga Devi and Kamsa]Modern-day abortion is due mostly to inconvenience. The unwanted child would be a hindrance on the life of sense gratification. If there weren’t the option to end the pregnancy, then so much care and attention would have to be given to sex life in the first place. Who would want to live that way? Marriage would become a de facto requirement for engaging in such risky behavior.

4. Not understanding the law of karma

Kamsa did not understand that there would be stiff punishment for every child that he killed. Those children could not defend themselves, and one day Kamsa would not be able to protect himself from the swift, fierce, and accurate hand of death. He literally saw such a hand, coming at him at the appropriate moment. The source was indeed that eighth child, and in the special circumstance it was the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, Shri Krishna.

It is the Supreme Lord who institutes the system of karma. What a person does, they will have to suffer or enjoy the consequences later on. That is only fair. If an innocent animal is killed, that same departing soul has the right to reverse the situation, to kill the killer, in the next life. If such a law were understood, the practice of killing children in the womb might be curbed or eliminated altogether.

The solution to every unwanted activity is the same. The way to eradicate barbaric behavior is through Krishna consciousness. On the positive side, not like Kamsa who was living in fear of Krishna, focus the mind on the origin of all things. Sing His glories, follow the path set by His representatives, and automatically respect for all forms of life will come. Even karma will no longer have an influence, as Krishna will take over responsibility for the devoted soul.

In Closing:

How fetus such punishment to receive,

Death sentence after parents to conceive?

So much blood already spilling,

Like with innocent animals killing.

The Kamsa mentality alive,

Who to reverse destiny tried.

Not understanding karma’s way,

Only solution with Krishna to stay.

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