Three Possible Reactions If The Putana Affair Took Place In The Modern Day

[Putana killed]“Thus the nightmare of the Putana witch was over, and she assumed her real feature as a great demon. She opened her fierce mouth and spread her arms and legs all over. She fell exactly as Vritrasura when struck by the thunderbolt of Indra. The long hair on her head was scattered all over her body. Her fallen body extended up to twelve miles and smashed all the trees to pieces, and everyone was struck with wonder upon seeing this gigantic body.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 1, Ch 6)

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1. Considered a hoax

“Let’s be clear. The official statement from the board of leading scientists and medical experts is that it is impossible. What people say took place could not have. There must be some other explanation. Illusion. A figment of the imagination. I understand people have the incident recorded on their smartphones, captured on video, but you can do amazing things these days. Just see what Hollywood produces each year.

“In fact, that is the best comparison. This must be a production for an upcoming film. There is no way for an ordinary woman to transform into the size of a giant building, which then falls to the ground, while a small baby crawls on top of her. This defies the laws of physics. No one can change their shape so dramatically in that short a period of time.

“From where did the extra matter arrive? It is not like Putana had a massive amount of food by her side to consume. I’m telling you, this is like something out of a comic book. It has to be a hoax, and a pretty good one at that. Give the people credit for staging something that got you believing it was true.”

2. Swept under the rug

“Oh, that Putana incident? You think that really happened? You are one of those conspiracy theorists, aren’t you? Sure, there are people talking about it, but not that many. I did not see one story on the evening news covering it. Our politicians never mention anything crazy like that. It has been thoroughly debunked.

[Putana killed]“I believe that you are genuine, but I certainly don’t think anything like that ever occurred. Come on, man, a woman transforming into a witch? Witchcraft is from past centuries. We are moving beyond that. We have vaccines now. We trust science. We know there are no invisible people lurking beyond the clouds. You have to take a seat in the theater of reality, with the rest of us.”

3. Thought to be the second-coming

“God must have been close by. There is no other way to explain. No human being has ever reached that size and weight. It would be like a giant building falling to the ground. Except that building was as small as an adult human being only moments prior.

“People saw it. They are not lying. I believe them. I think the good Lord is on His way. Only He could work such magic. It must be a sign. I am going to start preparing. Let’s find out more about this Putana person. Perhaps her family has some answers.”

As simple as the residents of Vrindavana were some five thousand years ago, they were not impressed in the least by Putana’s ability to trick everyone into thinking that she was a beautiful, well-wishing nurse to the newborn Krishna.

The people understood that in a material existence, any person, good or bad, can rise to extreme heights. There is the process of mysticism, known as yoga, which bring siddhis. These are perfections in practice, translating to abilities. One of the perfections is being able to change your shape at will, kama-rupa-siddhi.

Exercise of ability in the material world, in either extreme, large or small, has no bearing on Divinity. That is to say if I saw someone walking on water, knowing it to be true, that does not mean they are God. Surely, the Almighty would be able to accomplish something similar, but He has no need for cheap displays of magic in order to convince a doubting public.

Rather, the people of Vrindavana were astonished that baby Krishna survived the encounter with Putana. They understood that asuras, people against God in this world, are able to deceive and rise to influence in such a way, but they could not believe that an innocent child returned unharmed from the incident.

[Lord Vishnu]They immediately thought of Vishnu, who is the personal God. They thanked Him for protection and they continued to pray to Him to be in their lives. The people did not realize that baby Krishna was the very same Vishnu, appearing before them with the veil of yogamaya.

This auspicious version of illusion removed any thoughts of awe and reverence. They were next to God, without realizing it. Their mood of interaction was thus pure; genuine love, affection and care for the jewel of Vrindavana, who was more amazing than any of the powerful asuras who would arrive to try to eliminate Him.

In Closing:

One after another arriving then,
But Krishna more powerful than them.

Even a nurse into a witch turning,
Whose large body after fall burning.

Not the people to Divinity to compare,
Since of Vishnu’s presence aware.

That even in asuras ability to see,
But most powerful God is He.

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