Five Ways I Am Tormented By Kali-Yuga

“Shri Rama’s holy name is like Narasimhadeva to the Hiranyakashipu-like Kali Yuga. For those who chant the holy name, the Lord offers them all protections and crushes their tormentors, just as He did for Prahlada Maharaja.“ (Dohavali, 26)

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राम नाम नर केसरी कनककसिपु कलिकाल |
जापक जन प्रहलाद जिमि पालिहि दलि सुरसाल ||

rāma nāma nara kesarī kanakakasipu kalikāla |
jāpaka jana prahalāda jimi pālihi dali surasāla ||


1. Not allowed to breathe

“Seriously, I never thought things would get this bad. I understand that there is natural diversity due to individuality. Not every person thinks the same way. We are unique; we have our own experiences and develop strategies, ideas, focus, and direction based on the processing of information we receive.

“But I thought there were standard truths upon which we could agree. One of them is breathing. We need to breathe. It is vital to good health. If you can’t breathe, you don’t have any health; you will be dead.

“Certainly, no one should keep a bacteria collector right next to their intake valve. Yet the entire world is now following this nonsense. They think they are being safe and respectful. I know that they are not. They are endangering lives, including those of children. How can the society as a whole be so fallen as to not realize the importance of breathing freely?”

2. Hypocrisy from experts

“Whenever you share information with someone who hasn’t heard it from their reliable sources, they tend to attack your credibility. They mock you for following conspiracy theory websites. They say that you sound just like the people who watch a certain news channel.

“The puzzling thing is that I am not watching any news sources. I am accepting the information firsthand. I watch a noted scientist say something during a news conference. A week later, he says just the opposite. And yet everyone just goes along; they don’t question the hypocrisy.

“Has everyone gone mad? If you tell me that a certain behavior is bad for your health and then a week later say just the opposite, why would I ever trust you on anything ever again? You would be the last person I consult for medical advice, and yet no one else seems to be questioning what they hear. It’s like they have buried their heads in the sand.”

3. Useless arguments

“Everyone tells me that television programming is not what it used to be. I rarely watch, but sometimes I can’t help it. For some reason, I naively hope for a different experience, but sadly I am left disappointed every time.

“On the news stations you are lucky to find arguments or disagreements about anything. It is entirely one-sided, but in the odd case of genuine journalism, the issues discussed are basically meaningless. I know that both sides are just speaking that way to rise to power. They are equally as culpable in the general decline of the country, but they set up this kind of performance to debate issues.

“Then on the sports channels the panelists are discussing the latest statement from a famous athlete. Does it really matter what they say? How is that affecting anyone? To quote a line from a past world leader, no personal attack ever fed a hungry child. We get meaningless banter for viewing content, and it’s disappointing.”

4. Worn out from responsibilities

“How does anyone find time for spiritual life? It is a serious question. I completely understand why someone would visit their house of worship on a Sunday and beg for relief. It is a major struggle out there. You are never certain about anything, and whatever you have you desperately try to maintain.

[bookshelf]“I just want to sit down in a quiet place, for several hours at a time, with no one bothering me and no pressing responsibilities. I have a feeling I would be so happy, as a result. Sadly, I don’t think that will ever happen. They say that we live in advanced times, but I think people in the past had it much better.”

5. Pretenders as spiritual leaders

“I have developed a new theory. It is slowly evolving, so I am not entirely certain about the conclusion, but hear me out. I think the more a person craves being on television, in front of some sort of camera, the more flaws they have to their character.

“I am basing this on personal experience and observation. You see it with spiritual leaders. The more famous they are, the more videos they have published online, the more degraded they seem to be. After all, how can you be humble if you seek so much personal attention?

“It would be so nice to find a genuine spiritual leader, to guide us through these difficult times. Sadly, the only qualified ones I find are hesitant to rise in prominence. They lead by example, for sure, and I am thankful to have their association, but I am worried for those who are led astray by the cheaters.”

Shastra describes the present time period to be one of increased quarrel and hypocrisy. It is known as Kali Yuga, the dark age. If compared to a table, dharma stands on only one leg; the other three have been knocked aside.

Goswami Tulsidas compares Kali Yuga to Hiranyakashipu, the noted asura villain described in texts like Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana. Hiranyakashipu tormented the saintly class, so much so that they ran away in fear. They would rather not be seen or known for their allegiance to the Divine principles.

Tulsidas says that the holy name of Shri Rama is like Narasimhadeva. This wonderful avatara appeared in this world to save the innocent Prahlada Maharaja, who was the five-year sold son of Hiranyakashipu. The father harassed that son for so long. Prahlada had done nothing wrong; he simply wanted to worship Vishnu in peace. He was not given proper facility by the father, who remained envious of the Supreme Lord.

Narasimha appeared on the scene and essentially removed the fangs from the snake of the Kali-yuga-like asura. In the same way, He can rescue anyone living in the dangerous conditions at present. Repeating those names is an integral aspect of bhakti-yoga, which is the savior of the fallen: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

In Closing:

So much craziness around,
Not an honest person found.

Expert lying and cheating,
Exhaustion by energy depleting.

No time for knowledge to read,
For rescue a desperate need.

But like with Narasimha appearing,
Holy names the obstacles clearing.

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