What Does It Mean To Perceive Krishna In Everything

[Radha-Krishna]“Although the sun is situated far away from the other planets, its rays sustain and maintain them all. Indeed, the sun diffuses its heat and light all over the universe. Similarly, the supreme sun, Govinda, diffuses His heat and light everywhere in the form of His different potencies. The sun’s heat and light are nondifferent from the sun. In the same way, the unlimited potencies of Govinda are nondifferent from Govinda Himself. Therefore the all-pervasive Brahman is the all-pervasive Govinda.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi 2.16 Purport)

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“In understanding spiritual matters, I try to be an adult about things. What I mean is that there should be some level of maturity. Don’t patronize me. Don’t treat me like I am a school-age child. Don’t use word jugglery in order to explain away questions that you don’t know the answer to.

“I am so accustomed to the nonsense speak that I can snuff it out immediately. I could offer the same double-speak, as well. It is not difficult. Sort of like the cookie-cutter politician who speaks in platitudes to get elected, who never really takes a bold stance on issues affecting the population, once you get the technique down you can apply it to any situation.

“When I hear this idea of seeing Krishna in everything, it resembles the fluff. At least that is how I see it. It seems too easy to tell someone to try to see God anywhere and everywhere. Of course we want someone to do that; it is quintessential Krishna consciousness. We are obviously trying to remember God, who is an all-attractive person in the original manifestation, the source of the material and spiritual energies.

“But isn’t that advice within the category of speaking to the God inside of you? Walking with the Lord, praying from within, asking for assistance. There is no detail to that. Anyone can give that advice. Sure, I am supposed to perceive Krishna everywhere, but how does that actually happen? What is the meaning? What does someone who does such a thing look like? What are the symptoms?”

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada gives the comparison to heat and light. If we perceive heat and light in a particular place, we are actually perceiving the source, as well. We may not be aware, but there is a connection, all the same.

For instance, after a rough day at work and at home, I sleep soundly throughout the night. In fact, this is the best sleep I have had in a long time. It feels as if every stress and concern has physically exited my body. There is a state of total relaxation.

The lengthy time in bed stops when there is perception of light coming through the window in the morning. This indicates several conditions simultaneously. For starters, there is knowledge of a relative period of time. Understanding what time there was daylight yesterday, I can assume that it is at least that time of day now.

[window view]Secondly, there is a particular condition of weather. It is not overly cloudy. It is not raining outside. Depending on the associated conditions, I might get an indication of the temperature. In other words, today might be a good day to spend outside, to take a walk, to play sports, to make an outing, etc.

The heat and light I perceive are related to the source, which is the sun. This means that I perceive the sun, though indirectly. I have not looked straight into the sky. I have not checked the weather report. I have not spoken to anyone who is outside. I have only perceived the heat and light.

Krishna consciousness is similar. The source of everything is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is both the essence of life and the source of life. Within the living being is the vital life force, who is spirit soul. This identity is separate from God. This is the meaning of individual. I am not you and you are not me.

At the same time, I would have no identity were it not for the presence of Krishna. God is also inside of me as the Supersoul, Paramatma. It is through this feature that everything manifests before us. No result to action would be possible without the prior sanction of Paramatma.

Krishna consciousness is the perception of Krishna in everything. As we can see with the heat and light example, the implementation is not difficult. We already make associations based on extensions of energy. Just extend the association to the original source.

We see heat and light and understand the presence of the sun. In the same way, we can say that the presence of life itself is an extension of the energies of the Supreme Lord. I perceive Krishna in both the sinner and the saint. He is within victory and also defeat. He is the honest person and also the cheat.

Everything manifests through His breathing, and after a certain amount of time everything gets annihilated and returns within Him. My identity always remains, and if I constantly perceive His presence in everything that I do, in every place that I go, in every condition that I find, then I have achieved perfection in existence.

In Closing:

For achieving perfection,
A certain kind of reflection.

Where in everything to perceive,
Subtle vision to receive.

That God already here,
No further hurdle to clear.

Same vision everywhere to go,
Then automatically Krishna to know.

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