How Does Krishna Accomplish Infinite Parallelism

[Shri Krishna]“The Lord immediately got up from His seat and invited Narada Muni to sit on His personal seat. The Lord again worshiped him with as much paraphernalia for reception as He had in the palace of Rukmini. After worshiping him properly, Lord Krishna acted as if He did not know what had happened in the palace of Rukmini.” (Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vol 2, Ch 14)

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“In the database world, there is something known as a wait-type. It is an internal counter which measures the total time that the server was waiting to complete an operation. As there can be different reasons for the delay, there are various types of waits.

“The simplest one to understand is the bottleneck on resources. Think of it this way. Imagine you have these huge stacks of paper. Each page has a person’s name in the heading. You need these pages sorted, in alphabetical order.

“You distribute the work amongst several employees. These are individual human beings. They take a certain stack and start sorting, perhaps working in conjunction with the other sorters.

“There is someone on the outside. They are waiting for the results. Everything might be finished, except for one of the employees. They are taking a little longer, simply because they had more pages to sort.

“The employees in this case are the processors in the server, and the employer waiting is the server itself. This is to give you a rough idea of some of the challenges software developers face. It is not necessarily about building the best program or writing the most efficient algorithm.

“I bring this up today because I can’t possibly fathom how the Supreme Personality of Godhead operates. We add more processors to a server in order to conduct more operations simultaneously. This is known as parallelism.

“How is God able to accomplish infinite parallelism? It is like He can create CPU cores on the spot, whenever He needs them. It is like the spiritual version of migrating to the cloud, spinning up extra resources whenever you need them.”

There is a section in Bhagavata Purana that describes a visit by Narada Muni to the newly built city of gates, Dvaraka. Protected on all sides from attacking enemies like Jarasandha, Shri Krishna chose to live there during His earthly pastimes, in adulthood.

He was the king of Dvaraka, and naturally there were accompanying queens. Since God is unlimited, He can have as many consorts as the mind can imagine. In this case, there were over sixteen thousand queens, most of whom were accepted at a single instance, after they were rescued from the clutches of the demon named Bhaumasura.

Though well-acquainted with the glories of Narayana, Narada was still amazed at what he witnessed. He went from palace to palace and saw the same Krishna there. Except in each case, the king of Dvaraka was with a different queen. He was also engaged in different work.

How was everything taking place simultaneously? How was Krishna able to accomplish this? Were some of the forms a magical illusion, with a single screen director managing the show? Were other people dressed as Krishna, to give the appearance of His presence, without the original person actually there?

There are many lessons to take from the incident, and one of them is that Krishna can accomplish an infinite number of tasks simultaneously. He can create as many background worker threads as needed. He already hears every prayer offered to Him, spanning the unlimited universes.

Though He has nothing to do, lying in rest and breathing in a relaxed way, He still enters each universe, expanding further to remain in the heart of every living entity. This is how He witnesses everything that I do, guiding me when I am ready to accept His shelter.

[Shri Krishna]I can only hear one person at a time. I can only work so many jobs at once. I may be able to juggle many tasks at a single time, but there is still only one process operating in each instance. Fortunately, I do not have to spawn expansions to achieve success in life. A single process dedicated to the all-attractive one, working for His benefit, is sufficient for escaping the illusion of the material world.

In Closing:

In many directions led,
But with only a single thread.

So that simultaneously cannot achieve,
Where limitation in outcomes to receive.

But Krishna unlimitedly commanding,
Shown in Dvaraka palaces landing.

But if only one dedicated to Him through,
Rescued by that great worker who.

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