Fears Of A Dogmatic Appearance

[Shri Krishna]“If a person is engaged in full Krishna consciousness in devotional service of the Lord, it is to be understood that he has understood all the Vedic knowledge. In the Vaishnava parampara it is said that if one is engaged in the devotional service of Krishna, then there is no need for a spiritual process to understand the Supreme Absolute Truth. He has already come to the post because he is engaged in the devotional service of the Lord.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita, 15.19 Purport)

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“We read in Bhagavad-gita that a person who knows Krishna as the Supreme Person, Purushottama, is essentially the knower of everything. Armed with that knowledge, they engage in devotional service. The Sanskrit word is bhajate.

“It is not that they simply sit back and marvel at the achievement. It is not like conquering a particular record in a sport. It is not surpassing a certain number for the bank balance. It is not having completed a project and then marveling at the accomplishment.

“Rather, the knowledge is something like the starting point to another life, one in liberation. It is the entryway towards genuine transcendence, escaping the cycle of birth and death and everything occurring in between.

“The anarthas, the time wasted in fruitless endeavors, the hankering and lamenting, the heartache, the pain, the sorrow, the endless grief – everything is caused by birth. Placement in the land of birth and death, dealing with a temporary manifestation to the eternal energy known as prakriti.

“I understand everything in theory. I agree with the assessment. I am glad to at least theoretically understand the supremacy of Shri Krishna. The thing is, are we not risking appearing dogmatic in our presentation?

“You have others who say to follow their book and their chosen savior. If you don’t, you are doomed to a hellish existence. There are no second chances, you see. You can make many mistakes in this world. Somehow, you are still around. You are still vibrant. The governing bodies forgive the offenses, provided you have completed appropriate penance.

“God, on the other hand, is more miserly. He will not forgive. You have your chance now. If you mess up, you are out of luck. Too late. The mean and vengeful man in the sky, who is old and with a long beard, will not accept any excuses you come up with. This is why you should fear God.

“Anyway, that is the appeal outside of the Vedic tradition. Should we not avoid behaving similarly? If we say that knowing Krishna is knowing everything, does that not take away the impetus for working hard in the discipline of spiritual life?”

The search will continue. It extends over centuries. Countless lifetimes, even. We see that modern science is the result of previous work. Over hundreds of years, various intelligent beings have added to the base of knowledge.

And yet there is still so much to go. The Supreme Lord embarrasses the scientists on a constant basis, whenever they get too puffed up. He makes them show their cards, revealing their foolishness, such as with pretending that facial coverings prevent the spread of disease and that magical injections will suddenly cure everyone.

In the case of an honest search, the eventual destination is Krishna. You learn bit by bit, starting with the autonomy of the spirit inside. The individual is different from the body. This same distinction applies to all living beings.

Then you move outward, extending the principle to the largest macro level. You come to learn of the universe itself, how it has intelligence embedded into every aspect. There must be a singular source, who is the beginning to the beginning. That force survives the changes. That force is steady.

You finally reach the conclusion that there is a God, and so Krishna is the detail behind the abstract picture. That is why knowing Him as Purushottama is the completion of esoteric study. If we start with that understanding, we save so much valuable time.

We don’t require constant support to be convinced. We understand that He is everything, the source of the material and spiritual worlds. His janma and karma are Divine. He appears and disappears. He has work. These are different in nature as compared to us.

[Shri Krishna]Knowing how great He is, it only makes sense to worship. We worship through service, which can flow in a variety of ways. The person who worships as such is the knower of everything, and just by their example they show others the way towards transcendence, for finding true meaning to an existence.

In Closing:

Helping both me and you,
In finding meaning true.

To this existence we live,
For our dedicated efforts to give.

When serving through knowing,
That through Him everything going.

As Purushottama in supreme standing,
Wise when with such understanding.

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