Protective Coverings

“In the same way that a golden jewelry box holds the most precious gem inside, while remembering the nirguna aspect in the heart and keeping the saguna aspect in front of the eyes, place Shri Rama’s supremely auspicious holy name… Read More ›

That Don’t Impress Me

“And wonderful golden archways belonging to the Rakshasas everywhere illuminated the well-decorated city of Lanka.” (Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 2.54) kāñcanāni ca citrāṇi toraṇāni ca rakśasām | laṅkāmuddyotayāmāsuḥ sarvataḥ samalaṃkṛtām It’s ironic that the entryway into a city filled with… Read More ›

Shorn of Brilliance

“When the evening came the very powerful Hanuman quickly jumped up and entered the beautiful city, which had great pathways that were well-divided, was filled with rows of mansions, and had golden columns and golden latticed windows that made it… Read More ›

As Good As Gold

“O You of great intellect, not even the demigods can fathom the level of Your intelligence. Due to bereavement Your wisdom is currently in a dormant state, and I am here to rouse it.” (Lakshmana speaking to Lord Rama, Valmiki… Read More ›