As Good As His Brothers

[Sita-Rama]“My husband Rama is famous throughout the world. He is pure, truthful, and very gentle. He is mighty-armed, has wide eyes, and is always busy working for the welfare of all living beings [sarva-bhuta-hite-ratah].” (Sita Devi speaking to Ravana, Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kand, 47.11)

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रामेति प्रथितो लोके गुणवान्सत्यवान्शुचिः
विशालाक्षो महाबाहुस्सर्वभूतहिते रतः

rāmeti prathito loke guṇavānsatyavānśuciḥ
viśālākṣo mahābāhussarvabhūtahite rataḥ

When King Dasharatha made preparations to pass on control of the kingdom to his eldest son, Shri Rama, time was of the essence. The leader of Ayodhya had witnessed some inauspicious omens. He was worried that something might interfere with the plans, if he waited too long.

Therefore, Rama and His wife set about fasting for the night, sleeping on the floor, and worshiping Narayana, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The people of the town were made aware of this, in conjunction with the purpose. They were ecstatic. People of all classes rejoiced, and they eagerly anticipated the official transfer.

One of the justifications for the praise and good feelings was Rama’s character. The people understood that He could tell between right and wrong, good and bad. He was fearless in preserving justice, and though He loved His three younger brothers so much, the same affection extended to the citizens.

[Rama-darbar]This was not merely sentiment; the classification was accurate. This is one way to understand the qualities belonging to the original person. In a material quality, guna, there is a dual-sided nature. Something like heat can be both good and bad. In the middle of summer, the day-laborer dreads going out into the field. At the same time, the person suffering from illness welcomes the chance to sit out in the sunlight and improve their health.

For the conditioned souls, there are so many distinctions made based on external conditions. I call this person my father, yet someone else’s father is equally as worthy of affection, understanding and care. One person is my friend and another my enemy, but that does not make one person more of a human being than another.

Everyone in Ayodhya knew just how much Rama loved His brothers. Lakshmana was the closest in terms of association. Though they were born of different mothers, there was no hint of division. Not even amongst the three queens to Dasharatha; they all thought of Rama as their own son.

To know with certainty that Rama shared the same love for the citizens is significant. This means that the greatest bow-warrior in the world, the most courageous leader, the most compassionate and honest person, was looking out for everyone’s best interests.

Sita Devi would later confirm this. She explained that her husband works for the welfare of every living entity. Rama does not draw distinctions, precisely because everyone has their original connection with the Supreme Lord. No matter to what depths a sinful person has fallen, that link to the Divine can never fully be broken.

Spiritual life is thus a reawakening; remembering our long-lost friend. He is always there for us, though we may not always remember Him. Through the reminder provided by the acharya, we have the chance to rekindle the relationship, to always count on the protection of that sun of the solar dynasty, Shri Ramachandra.

Dasharatha’s intuition was correct. There would be a great impediment to the coronation ceremony. That would not change Rama’s nature. Since He is an avatara of the Almighty, the husband of Sita is fully renounced in spirit. A sudden change in fortune does not alter His character or behavior, and due to the connection with Him in yoga a similar property can descend to us.

In Closing:

Circumstances decision to reverse,
After king with Kaikeyi to converse.

But Rama with poise to stay,
To follow what father to say.

To everyone kindness showing,
Distinctions between them not knowing.

To keep steady mind in yoga I try,
And on Sita’s husband to rely.

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