Four Things To Place In Krishna

[Shri Krishna]“One whose mind, intelligence, faith and refuge are always in Krishna, or, in other words, one who is fully in Krishna consciousness, is undoubtedly washed clean of all misgivings and is in perfect knowledge in everything concerning transcendence.” (Shrila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita, 5.17 Purport)

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1. Mind

The business of the mind is thinking. To make plans. To contemplate the future. To wonder how time will be spent. To consider what the best course of action is.

The other side is lamentation. Remembering the past. Regretting mistakes committed. Wishing for a return to a different time, when life was simpler. Hoping for another opportunity to spend time with those who have since passed on.

2. Intelligence

This is higher than the mind. I make this plan and that. I consider a certain solution moving forward, but there is something in the background. It does not approve, or at the very least it creates hesitation. There is a seed of doubt.

Some would call this the conscience, but intelligence is the source. It is because of intelligence that a human being follows a predictable pattern in terms of development. The infant passes through various milestones. Sitting up, crawling, walking, talking, learning how to read and write, and so forth. Intelligence is the guiding factor.

3. Faith

This is believing in something for which concrete assurance is not available. This does not mean that the evidence will not arrive, in due course. We place faith in the pilot to land the plane at the proper destination. The total duration of the trip might be several hours. The aircraft has to travel thousands of miles and reach a precise destination for a successful arrival.

We have faith in the knowledge passed down to us, even if it was discovered through the ascending process. Science makes progress only off what was previously known. There is implicit faith that the past findings were not skewed, manipulated, or altered.

4. Refuge

This is having no one else to rely upon. I am stuck in a ditch. The hole runs deep enough into the ground that I cannot climb to the top. There is no ladder. There is no rope. I feel as if I will never get out.

Then, by the arrangement of a higher power, someone happens to pass by. They noticed my condition. They want to save a person stranded. They are my refuge. I put all faith in them. There is no one else who can save me.

Bhagavad-gita explains that placing these four in the Supreme Personality of Godhead brings perfection of knowledge in terms of transcendence. If they are not dedicated to God the person, then there is imperfection.

For instance, there could be the mistaken impression that there is no God, that everything just appears randomly. Perhaps I am God, since I have a steady condition of autonomy in terms of choice flowing through action.

Perhaps I can achieve everything I want through personal effort. I place faith in my personal abilities. I am the lone refuge. Though I previously relied on others to feed me, to change my diapers, to protect me from the elements, to educate me, and to forgive my offenses, somehow the mind has misled me into considering greatness through a solo effort.

Perfection in knowledge of transcendence removes misgivings about the proper direction in life. The individual can then proceed forward on the path of liberation. This is the proper way to live. Anything else has a binding effect, resulting in rebirth.

The issue with another birth is that the same miseries abound. A distressed person contemplates another life, where they will have another go at it. Perhaps that existence will be better. It will be free of the agony of defeat and the debilitating melancholy of depression.

If there isn’t transcendence, then another life will be another misery. It will be the same dead end. It will be like running into a brick wall. The individual will have to wait again, for another attempt at transcendence.

[Shri Krishna]If transcendence is already available when placing at the lotus feet of Shri Krishna, why not take advantage of the gift? Why not appreciate everything the all-attractive one has given? Why not take Him as the sole refuge, the ultimate landing destination? Why not achieve perfection in this very lifetime?

In Closing:

Transcendence already there,
Simply be made aware.

Through knowledge in Him placing,
That for every difficulty facing.

Refuge complete and one,
By no other can be done.

Such that life’s perfection achieved,
Through that assurance believed.

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